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High Paying Careers

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civil engineering baltimore

Why settle for a boring minimum wage job when there are many high paying careers that can help you live the good life? Men and women of all ages can take their pick of numerous careers and leave worries behind. Best of all, many of these careers require only a couple of years in college. What are some of the highest paying careers for you to consider for your life?

Car Salesman

A car salesman job may require no prior experience, much less a college education. And, if you have the right skills, this position could lead to a six-figure income. Only the best survive in a car salesman position, but it is certainly worth a look if you have the personality to match the job description and want to earn above average money.

Civil Engineer

civil engineering baltimore

One of the oldest paths in engineering, civil engineering baltimore averages an annual starting salary of about $73,548, though this amount quickly increases with experience. As a civil engineer, your job is to oversee structural developments like bridges and dams. It is an exciting career with lots of benefits for all.

Video Game Designer

If you are a gamer, what better career than one that allows you to develop and design new games for everyone to play? It is all a day at play when you work as a videogame designer. And, the rewarding pay of about $72,899 annually doesn’t look too bad to most people, either.

Logistics Manager

Logistics managers average an annual pay rate of about $95k. This exciting position puts you in charge of large projects. There is a great deal of responsibility in the role of a logistics manager. Attention to detail is needed as such. Nonetheless, it is a career that you will love day in and day out.